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Laser X-Treme Exhausts

Designer exhausts!

Laser DualSound Brochure
Laser X-Treme Brochure
Listen to the Laser X-Treme!

LASER X-treme is one of the most popular exhausts in the LASER program. Specially adapted to today’s standards on performance, sound and design.

Full flexibility in sound thanks to ‘Dual Sound’ Technology capabilities. By replacing the inserts you can choose between an officially homologated or real sportive sound level without compromising your performance. These inserts are not visible when installed!

Above all the X-treme is a designers exhaust which instantly gives the motorcycle a personal touch. The full stainless steel X-Treme exhausts are available in various styles, from the ‘bullet like’ (tapered) version to the GP-Style ‘specials’.

Laser X-Treme R1

Laser X-Treme R1

Laser X-Treme Quad FZ750

Laser X-Treme

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