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GD Performance BMW HP2 Sport Performance Header & Collector Kit

Unleash the Beast!
Allow it to perform like it should!

This is an excellent, well designed, handmade performance system that offers the enthusiast and racer the ability to performance tune their HP2 Sport yet retain the Stylish Look of the BMW HP2 Sport Light-Weight Performance Muffler. This is a non-cat High Performance Header and Collector System that mates perfectly to the Stock HP2 Sport Can.

This system was designed by a master of the trade, Don de Vink of GD Exhaust Performance,

Don de Vink - Creating Another Work of Art

Don de Vink - Creating Another Work of Art

who has designed the prototype racing systems for BMW MotorRad AG MotoSport’s HP2 Sport Endurance Racer as Design Engineer at Akrapovic. He has brought a higher standard of performance to many championship racing teams for many years at both Laser and Akrapovic. Don is no stranger to power production! Now he has created this HP2 Sport masterpiece. Do expect a nice Sportive Robust Deeptone Boxer Sound with this system and increased performance at all RPMs.

This  HP2 Sport Racing Performance Kit will exceed your expectations. The HP2 Sport GD Performance Exhaust Headers with front crossover tube and collector are tuned for Maximum Performance throughout the entire RPM range utilizing the excellent Stock HP2 Sport Performance Can.

In this way you can keep the lines of the original HP2 Sport Endurance Racer. It was designed and has the ability to maximize the the power performance. This is a lethal and POWERFUL Kit when combined with the included specially tuned HP2 Sport MemJet Module.

For Racing Only!

If you provide the “High Test” then Please Expect Excellence!

This  R1200 HP2 Sport Performance Header Kit and all our products carry a 5 year warranty and a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

Only a limited number will be made! This is a very labor intensive system and it is totally hand made by Don de Vink. Have a look at the craftsmanship as displayed by the pictures below.

Unleash the Beast Within!

The Limited Production HP2 Sport Performance Header & Collector Kit with the Special MemJet Module is $2370.00.

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